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Does It Make You Proud?

This was originally going to be lyrics for a song, but I couldn't figure out a chorus, so it's a poem instead :)

Does It Make You Proud?

I only have one question: Does it make you proud to see me cry?

The broken mirror reflects your soul
The one you sold so long ago
For a life that's so much worse
Than the one you had before

The bottle is your closest friend
You never try to make amends
For the words you always say
When the anger rushes in

But ask yourself before you speak
About the secrects that you keep
Locked away from everyone

The little lies you hold so dear
The truth you never like to hear
You facade is wearing thin

The cycle ends, begins again
Everything lost and nothing gained
My respect for you long gone
Left there among the wreckage

And this time watch me walk away
For I have nothing left to say
This time there was no reason
And I can't return again

So as you lay in bed tonight
Between the darkness and the light

When the bottle's empty once again
So you have lost your favourite friend

Answer this without a lie:
Does it make you proud to see me cry?

*written on October 4, 2010