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The Best Friday Night EVER [aka Vanadam]!!!

Ok, I can't believe I didn't post this in my journal when I first wrote it. Oops! But here it is now.

This is somewhat overdue, but I've spent the past week in a sort of happy daze, unwilling to write my experiences down because then I'll have to admit that's it's really over. What is "it" you ask? Well, you shouldn't have to, but since it's what this post is about I'll tell you.

Last Friday [April 9, 2010] started the same as any other Friday, with the relief that the week was finally over; but, unlike most Fridays, there was a constant tingle of anticipation inside me. Why? Because I knew that later that day I would be heading to Richmond, bound for the River Rock Casino, ready to scream my heart out for none other than the fabulous, glittery, talented, inspiring, amazing Adam Lambert.

After school that morning - a painfully dull English class - I then had to get through the filming of a PSA [Public Service Announcement] that the GSA [Gay Straight Alliance] I'm part of was doing to enter in the Vancouver Island "Out in School" contest. It was actually a lot of fun, and I'm so glad I had a chance to do something like that. After that though, came the part of my day that I had been looking forward to ever since I got the tickets. I won't bore you with the details of my drive to Victoria, the ferry trip, and the rush to get to the venue without getting lost, because I don't want to put you to sleep. I will say though, that I had to change on the ferry because I really didn't want to show up to see Adam Lambert wearing only jeans and a t-shirt.

Finally I arrived at the River Rock Casino, and got in line behind hundreds of other people who were there for the same reason I was. While waiting I talked to the guy in front of me, and I got rather too much information from him which I won't repeat here out of respect for his privacy. It was pretty funny though, and he apologised, saying it was probably the most obnoxious thing anyone from Alaska had ever said.

I was quite surprised to see how many "grannys" there were there, and I can only hope none of them suffered heart attacks from Adam's less-than-tame performances. I mean, I knew they loved him on American Idol - it was actually my grandmother who told me about him - but his live shows are definately a whole other world away from that.

While waiting in the mosh pit for the show to start, I got into a conversation with two older woman. Somehow we got on the subject of Tommy, and they told me that the night before, after the show in Coquitlam, they had met and hung out with Tommy, Monte, and Longineu in the lounge/bar thingy at the River Rock. Needless to say I told them I was envious, and they said if I stayed long enough there was a good chance I would meet them too. Turns out they were right, but I'll get into that later. Durning the conversation one of them - I'll call her Besha cuz that's her Twitter - told me that I looked like Lady Gaga before she became really well known, so for the rest of the night she introduced me to everyone as Lady Gaga's cousin [including Tommy and Monte].

FINALLY, after the opening band, Elias - they're actually pretty good - and a loooooong intermission, the lights went down the the reason everyone was packed in the theater stepped out on stage. If I thought the crowd, including myself, were loud before, it was nothing compared to the screams when Adam stepped out of the smoke and the music began. I can't even describe it, the sheer amazingness of him, his band, and the way they work on stage. All I can say is, if you think his songs sound good on record just wait til you get a chance to see him live. It's a completely different experience, and I think that if you were to go to every single one of his shows none of them would be the same. Yes, they'd have a majority of the same songs, but he switches them up everytime he performs them. I think Whataya Want From Me is the best example of that. When I heard it for the first time off the CD it made me cry, and I still think it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, but each time he performs it, it's a little different. The same goes for his other songs. It's just pure genius, and if you ever get a chance to experience it TAKE IT! You will kick yourself if you don't.

The energy from the crowd was amazing too. Walking into the theatre before the show started, and going down the stairs to the mosh pit, I could feel the same anticipation, the same excitment that was in me, in everyone else. And as the theatre filled up it got more and more pronounced. Everyone was there for the same reason, and because of that we were all part of it, no matter if you didn't know the person next to you. Hell, I went there by myself, and it didn't even matter. In situations like that your individual differences don't matter, because in the big picture you're all there because you love the same thing. That show was also one of the only places I felt comfortable enough to let go and just dance like a fool, because Adam makes it not matter. You could be the most awkward person in the world, and at that show you'd be infused with a confidence that you can't find anywhere else. When the show finally started Adam was in control, owning the stage, the theatre, and everyone in it. He brought us to fever pitch, and made us want to cry [well, I almost cried when he did Mad World and Loaded Smile], he made us smile and laugh, and, to [sort of] quote someone who's recap of this was much better than mine, it's like he took a pair of giant glittery scissors and cut the ropes that bind us to our feelings of uncertanty. And I can honestly say I have never felt that at any other show, or anywhere else.

After the show I stuck with Besha and her friend, and we ended up in the lounge before heading up to their hotel room. While we were hanging out there - they were smoking and sort of getting ready to head down the the lounge again later - we heard talking outside the door. Besha went to investigate, via the peephole, and when she went outside I had my suspisions as to who it was. When I heard her say something like "That was actually my boa," and a male voice asking if she wanted it back, my suspisions were confirmed: Tommy was right outside the door! Let me back track a little though...Near the beginning of the show Besha had thrown her boa up on stage in the hopes that Adam would see it and put it on. Her hopes were realized when he finally did, and after prancing around the stage with it he stalked up to Tommy and wound it around his neck. Tommy wore it for the rest of the show, and apparently didn't take it off after it was over. So, now you're on the same page as me; good, I'll continue. When I realized the Tommy was outside the door, mere feet away, I moved faster than I think I ever have, and ended up out in the hall next to Besha, looking up at the guy who I already knew was fucking pretty, but OMG he's even more gorgeous in person!!! Besha's friend was right behind me, so there we were, Tommy, Monte, Besha, her friend, and I, all crowded in the hallway. I said hi to Tommy, and shook his hand - his left one cuz he had a bag in the other, lol - and that was when Besha told them I was Lady Gaga's cousin. Both of them, Tommy and Monte, were like "oh, really?" and I had to tell them that unfortunately I wasn't. Then Monte turned to Tommy and said "she's cute though," and Tommy said "yeah, she is." And I almost turned into a happy puddle of goo right then and there. Then, to make it even better, Monte turned to me and was like "you better watch out for Thunderlips here." I had to stop myself from laughing like a maniac at that one. So apparently, on top of being Glitterbaby, Tommy is also Thunderlips...Good to know ;) Anyhoo, after that Monte disappeared into his hotel room [which was right across from Besha's] and Tommy stayed to talk to us and take pictures. While he was signing Besha's ticket and telling us that they would be at the lounge later he asked me in an offhand sort of way if I was over 21. I was about to say that no, I'm only 19, but before I could answer Besha told him I was. Heh hee. After he left - Monte finally got pissed about having to wait for him...haha - we went back into the room and Besha and her friend added their pictures to their computer, smoked, and drank, until Besha decided it was time to head back downstairs. I had been hoping, ever since first talking to them, and then especially after meeting Tommy and Monte, that I would get to hang out at the lounge with everyone for a while, but by the time we finally got downstairs my ride was there, and I couldn't convince them to stay [next time I'm going by myself, or I'll at least figure out the SkyTrain schedule in advance so I don't have to miss the party. Because yes, there will be a next time! Or at least I hope so!!! Pleasepleaseplease!!!! Haha].

I don't think I slept at all that night, and the next morning, and well into the week I still couldn't believe that not only had I got the amazing chance to see Adam Lambert in concert, in one of the best venues possible, but that I got to meet his band as well - I met Longineu in the elevator, but he seemed to be preocupied and didn't really say much. It was, to date, the most incredible experience in my life, and I know that years from now, when I look back, it'll be one of the memories that stand out the clearest.

Here's the pic of me and Tommy. Yesh, I'm wearing a shirt, even though it looks like I'm naked...I swear I'm not. ;)
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Love the write up bb and so glad you had such an awesome time. Great pic too :)
Aww, thanks :) Yeah it was a blast and meeting Tommy and Monte made it even more amazing.
OMG Tommy. is. touching. you. HOLY FUCK! *dies of jealousy* And i must say, if Tommy was touching me, I would be naked and I would admit to it. Just saying. :)

Glad you had an amazing time, can't wait for my turn this summer!! :) Oh and i get that a lot, too, that i look like Lady Gaga- only... I get it like 40 times a day. lol. It's very complimentary. I go by Lexi Gaga in my hometown clubs. heehee
I know!!! That was pretty much my reaction too! Mmm...well if I had've been naked I totally would've admitted it but it didn't get that far *sigh* LOL!

Which show are you going to? Haha, that's awesome! Yeah it was the first time I'd heard it, so I'm like 'oh cool, I'll totally be her cousin!" And I'm totally dressing up as her for halloween! Hehe that's great!
I'm most likely going to road trip with my friends out to the show in North Carolina. I might also try to go to Kansas City. :)

And hey, me too! Dressing up as Gaga for Halloween that is. lol. Go us, we shall have to exchange pics.
That's awesome! I really want to go to the Toronto show but I think I'll have to wait for more Canadian dates. Have tons of fun! Although that goes without saying I think. Lol :)

Sweet! Haha yay us! Yes, definately. I've roped my best friend into helping me find a costume, and I'm stealing a pair of her shoes for the occaision ;P

And you know what else is pretty cool? On July 3 there's a "Go Gaga for Pride" event where I live. Basically it's a bunch of people getting together, with performances and general Gaga-ness, raising money for the Victoria Pride Society. I can't wait! It's gonna be epic! Hehe