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2 New Fic :)

Today I posted two new fic on Archive Of Our Own. I wrote them ages ago, and one was posted on two different LJ communities while the other was posted as part of a challenge on another fanfic website. Here are the links to both.

1) Before All Sensation Died. An AFI fic that is dark and angsty, with no specific characters or pairings. Oneshot. Written for a challenge on AFIslash(dot)net.

2) Shaketramp A dark and angsty Tokio Hotel twincest fic wherein Bill is a prostitute who lost his family at the age of six, and Tom, his unknown brother, is one of his tricks. Two out of five chapters posted, and the rest will be up within the next few days.

I'm also still working on Felino Diavolo, and a porny charity fic for the Glam-a-Classroom fic and art drive on Teamlambliff.

In other, non-fanfic news, I got my tickets to see Adam Lambert in Puyallup, WA, on September 21. I'm taking my best friend as a birthday present for her, and we will be happily stalking Tommy as he rides the merry-go-round.

Peace, glitter, and rock 'n roll,


YAY for tix to Puyallup :) and yes work on Felino...I like that fic :)
I know! I'm so excited! =D
Hehe, writer's block struck with that one, but I'm trying. Hopefully I'll be done the next chapter soon.