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Alrighty, so I've decided that I'm going to be moving all fic I've posted here to my Archive Of Our Own account, and I'll just be usuing this as a 'normal' journal. So don't panic when Naughty Little Schoolboy and I Still Remember disappear. I'll delete them but I'll be reposting them soon elsewhere. But I'll let you know when that finally happens. It'll probably be a while :P



Good to know...keep us posted :)
I will for sure :)
You're never on IM anymore.@_@ I'm against the moving idea. It's easier to read everything here.D : And how come you didn't tell me you met Tommy?!D :

I know, I'm sorry. I'll be on more often once school is finished :P Yeah, but I'll be posting links to fics on Teamlambliff so it'll all be there. Didn't I? I thought for sure I did, cuz I told pretty much anyone who would listen. It was epic and amazing and I wish I could have stayed and partyed with him and Monte!!! =D
Did you get my message? Please log onto IM as soon as possible.D :